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Nearly 30 years experience

The Arts and the Law
The Law of Business Aspects of the Arts
Copyright, Copyleft, Creative Commons, Trademark, and Other Intellectual Property Law
Freedom of Expression Law

Dr. William J. Scanlon

616 South Ingersoll Street
Madison, Wisconsin 53703-3810

PHONE: (608) 294-1141


Member of the Bars of
Wisconsin, Illinois and Michigan
The United States Courts of Appeals for the Federal, DC, Sixth and Seventh Circuits
The United States Patent and Trademark Office

Dane County, Wisconsin Supplemental Court Commissioner
(Wedding Officiant)

2nd Congressional District Representative, Platform and Resolutions Committee,
Democratic Party of Wisconsin

Member, External Advisory Board, Wisconsin National Primate Research Center,
University of Wisconsin, Madison

Member, RadioLit and Science Collectives, WORT (89.9 FM)
Madison, Wisconsin Community Radio

American and Wisconsin Intellectual Property Law Associations, and the
American Association for International Law

American Association for the Advancement of Science,
The Scientific Research Society, and
The American Physical Society

Sustaining Member, Phi Beta Kappa and Phi Kappa Phi

Member, Wisconsin Academy of Sciences, Arts and Letters

Member, Wisconsin Fellowship of Poets

Member, New Dream Webartists' Network

Proud Father of
Brendan's pic adapted by B Bauman
Brendan "SOLVE" Scanlon

I respect what the flag of the United States of America stands for:
One nation, magnificent in its diversity, indivisible, with liberty and justice for all.


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